About Us

We started this website to share our expertise in the luggage space.

Our reviews are based on having experience of working in the premium retail and general wholesale sectors of the luggage industry.

We have seen hundreds of types of bag in that time and we have personally handled all the suitcases we review.

Hopefully the reviews add some flavour of the construction method of the luggage we review as this is one of the key aspects of buying durable luggage.

As parents also, we have seen our fair share of children’s luggage and have experience on key features that good kids luggage should have.

We are part of a group that also reviews and recommends the best toys for children, those reviews can be found here.

Our group also buys and reviews a large number of yoga products. These yoga product reviews can be found here.

Any question on our reviews, or if you want extra advice, just please send an email through.

Hope this helps!