Features to look for in a luggage set

HAUPTSTADTKOFFER - Wannsee 3er Koffer-Set

Features to look for in a luggage set


Have a read through our buying guide and also consider the essential points below when buying a luggage set.

These are the points that differentiate one set from another and you should make these the features that you compare products again.


  • The number of pieces in the set.
  • The size of each of piece in the size.
  • The weight of the sets. Lighter cases are easier to manoeuvre, but quality does sometimes weigh more.
  • The type of material the case is made from will lead directly impact on quality and is linked to the weight component above.
  • The wheel construction – have a look at our in depth view of suitcase wheel types here.
  • Storage options at home – some suitcase sets can be nested with each other saving lots of space.
  • The pull up handle type and the number of grab handles.


Have a look at our top rated luggage sets here.

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