FLYTE Kids Scooter Case

FLYTE Kids Scooter Case Zinc Polly The Panda Children's Scooter Case

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FLYTE Scooter Case - unique multiple designs


This is a review of the new kids classic - the FLYTE Scooter case.

With a fold up scooter mechanism and 7 designs to choose from, the FLYTE Kids Scooter Case provide endless fun for kids at the airport.

Well-made case and durable design, it is perfect for the waiting time at the airport.

The case is a combination of a pull-along case with its own flip out scooter deck so kids have their own scooter on-the-go.

When the scooter is not needed it can be folded and locked in the upright position and the case can be pulled along using the telescopic handle.


FLYTE Kids Scooter Case - capacity

Providing 25L of packing space and measuring up at 23 x 28 x 43 cm it is within the carry-on limits of some of the stricter airlines.

The 25L of space compares very favourably with other cases in this kids markets.

This really is a good case has unique features you cannot find elsewhere and therefore features as one of our picks.

Price at review date - $$ - mid range

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Kids cases are designed to carry things - toys for the aircraft or snacks for the family.

But, above all, they are designed to keep kids occupied! and this should make your journey easier!

Key buying tips: they have to be tough to take the inevitable knocks a child would hand it, but also need to be easy for a child to use, light enough for an adult to carry and meet the airline carry on criteria.

Remember a cases's capacity is measured in litres (L).

FLYTE kids Scooter Case

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