Packing tips – how best to organise your packing

packing tips

Packing tips


Overpacking - don't do it!

When you come back from a trip, have a look at the items you didn’t wear. You may surprise yourself!

This is extra weight you could have used to take something else, or bought back another holiday gift, or just travelled lighter.

How often did you use those coats you packed – perhaps next time take a multi purpose coat instead. Similar logic can be applied for your shoes and everything else. And don’t forget to update you packing list ready for your next trip.

Don’t forget if you are going to a hot destination to take some travel soap as this can really reduce the amount of packing, and is especially handy if you have kids!


Extra space – take an extra bag

If you don’t have an expandable suitcase, take an extra bag with you. Have a look at our top expandable luggage selection here.

We always travel with a few extra linen bags in our suitcases and an extra light-weight backpack. These weigh practically nothing, but are handy for taking about in town o holiday and also for bringing back extra holiday purchases that don’t fit in your luggage at the end of the holiday.

We also try to take a strong duffel bag with us if we haven’t already reached the airlines limit on luggage.

This basically gives us the security of not worrying about purchases because we won’t have packing room at the end of the trip.


Roll Clothes – make space and reduce wrinkles

You can get more items in your luggage by rolling them. Rolling saves space and reduces wrinkles. Have a look at the many examples on YouTube here.

Rolling is perfect for t-shirts, shorts, trousers and many other lighter items of clothing.

To gain extra space when packing you can them put some of the rolled items in the shoes and other items you are carrying.



Packing squares – life savers

Packing squares (or packing cubes as they are commonly called) are super useful.

They will help keep you suitcase organised and help you find things when needed. They can just be lifted out of your case and put into the hotel cupboards with no issues and were a game changer for me in terms of being organized.

Check the price on Amazon here


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