Soft-shell luggage

Soft-shell suitcases are the more common suitcases available. This type of luggage can take a bash and a squeeze with no real long term damage done to the case itself.

Soft cases don’t necessarily mean lighter in weight though. Have a read through our suitcase buying guide here to learn more.

Soft cases are sometime also expandable. Allowing you to often increase the volume of the bag by approximately 30%.

Have a ready through our reviews below and our recommended picks.

Eastpak Tranverz M Wheeled Luggage
Eastpak Tranverz M Wheeled Luggage
***Our pick - stylish***

Eastpak Tranverz – Unique style - multiple sizes and colours


Eastpak have bought their design skills to the luggage market and the results show.

We have reviewed the medium sized case here, measuring up at 78L, but the features and great colour choices extend across to the large model, measuring at 121L..

Also, if you buy multiple sizes, they are all able to be packed inside of each other, similar to the Russian doll.

The case is expandable via compression straps on the outside, allowing you to adjust volume according to your trip.

There are lockable zippers and 2 wheels on the outside. Together with 3 handles a pull up handle and a hidden pocket.

On the inside there is a double deck compartment with zippered closures to help organise your packing.

The case also, uniquely for a bag which is almost fully collapsible, can stand up when completely empty.

This is a well made case and lives up to Eastpak's reputation for quality with the added bit of style.

Price at review date - $$ - mid range

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***Our pick - lightweight***

Antler Translite – Lightweight with long warranty - multiple colours


Simple case representing value for money and available in multiples sizes.

The case reviewed here measures up at 66L, which is adequate for a week away.

The case is made from a high quality polyester material and features four 360 degree spinner wheels.

The simple design is also expandable and includes an integrated TSA combination lock.

There is an external pocket at the front and inside there are garment straps.

The simplicity of the product leads to a very low weight of 2.8kg – this case is amongst the lowest in class when empty.

Antler are renowned for quality luggage and this case is not an exception and comes along with Antler’s 10 year warranty!

Price at review date - $$ - mid range

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Antler Translite Medium Suitcase
Antler Translite Medium Suitcase
Samsonite Base Boost Spinner
***Our pick - value for money***

Samsonite Base Boost Spinner - multiple sizes and colours


The Samsonite Base Boost series of cases is available in a number of sizes and colour options.

The largest case in the collection comes in at 112 L, which is more than adequate for a long trip away.

It is made of a high quality polyester, but is also lightweight for its size allowing you to pack extra inside for your trip.

Featuring 4 wheels, it is easy for manoeuvre. And with integrated TSA lock, it takes your content’s security seriously.

There is a large pocket on the front and multiple tension straps inside.

The collection is at the lower price end for the Samsonite brand. But with Samsonite’s focus on quality, it represents very good value for money.

Price at review date - $$ - mid range

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***Our pick - design & quality***

Kipling Youri Spin 78 – Funky design, high quality build – multiple colours


Coming in at 99L, this case is ample for a long trip.

The 4 spinner wheels make the same easy to move and the great designs and colour choice available really make this a suitcase that will stand out

The main compartment contains an array of straps and zipped mesh pockets to aid packing.

Outside there is an integrated TSA lock and 3 external front pockets and an additional pocket on the back..

The case has great overall protection and is designed to last. There are reinforced wheel attachments, edge protection and strong zippers.

This is a well designed case and made of high quality materials that will last the frequent traveller.

Price at review date - $$ - mid range

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Kipling Youri Spin 78
Kipling Youri Spin 78
IT Luggage World's Lightest 74cm Four Wheel Spinner Suitcase

IT Luggage – Lightweight spinner - multiple colours


Part of the IT Luggage’s Lightest collection this case comes in at 72L and 2.4kg. A medium sized case is also available.

Made of a lightweight but strong fabric and built around a fiber glass structure, they really have done a lot to reduce the weight.

The interior features packing straps and mesh pockets. While on the outside there are external pockets and 4 spinner wheels.

The aim of producing lightweight luggage at a low price point has been achieved here, but we are not fully convinced the case is designed to last so this case isn’t our light weight pick this year.

Price at review date - $ - low range

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Soft shell cases can take a take a bash and a squeeze with no real long term damage done to the case itself.

Have a look at our picks above.