Trunki Boostapak – 1 year on review

This review of the Trunki BoostApak follows 1 year of use. We bought the seat from new and have used the seat on a number of short-haul holidays and a few instances of use around town also

The Trunki BoostApak is essentially a backpack which can be used as a car seat.


There are 3 main points that persuaded us to buy:

  • Your child can pack their toys and books inside it when going away
  • You can save on hiring a car seat when you arrive at your destination.
  • It is really easy to use.


Having bought on the basis of these three points we have to say, the BoostApak really does live up to our expectations.

The case takes a lots of toys and books and is very useful for taking on an aeroplanes.

We calculated that the amount we spent on the car seat would be saved by us within a single holiday, by not having to hire a car seat from the car rental agency.

Price at review date - $ - low range

Check the latest Amazon price here 

How It works & Fitting

The BoostApak is basically a booster seat that also brings the belt down to the correct level. Having the seat belt pinned to around the shoulder level makes this a superior product than a normal booster seat.

Check out our fitting video here.

It is really simple to use, which is partly why we recommend it. Your child simply sits on the seat, and you feed the seat belt through the loop above the shoulder, feed it across your child, and plug it in as normal. It takes no more than 30 seconds and is a lot less hassle than other car seats we have used.

The only initial set up needed is adjusting the shoulder loop to the correct height. This only needs to be done once, and once the correct height is set, we just leave the seat belt looped in during our holidays.


Covers – Wipe clean

The covers are removable and made of a strong and washable material. There was a slight fading upon our first wash, but we are not overly concerned about it and don’t see the need to spend money to buy replacement covers for what is just a cosmetic issue.


Capacity – More than enough

The BoostApak officially has an 8 litre capacity. It may not seem like much, but take a look at our pictures and you will see this is plenty large enough for a child to pack their toys, books, colouring pencils etc.

We have found the capacity more than sufficient for our trips.


Car rental – Save money

Within Europe at least, car rental companies we found car rental agencies charge a minimum of EUR 10-15 per day per car seat. The seat you often receive are dirty and on some occasions we have heard stories about promised car seats being unavailable even though they have been requested as part of the car booking process.

The BoostApak will save any stress related to this. You will have you own seat that you know is clean and you know will be not have to worry about hire costs related to is.


Safety limitations

These type of car seats don’t have integrated head protection. So we only use our BoostApak for holidays or for emergency use. For normal car journeys we have a Britax Romer that you can see on Amazon here. This has the head and neck protection built in, so is  overall a safer product in our view.



The seat is made of a strong plastic shell. Unloaded it can easily be carried by most kids over 3 years old. A potential downside of the seat, however, is once loaded with a decent amount of toys the seat can weigh over 3kg / 6.6lbs, which probably means that your child will ask you to hold it after a while!



The Boostapak car seat can be taken on board and fits under the seat infront of your child, allowing easy access to their toys. This is a great way to keep your child occupied when flying!

Depending on the airline, the Boostapak will normally count as a piece of carry-on luggage. This can cause issues with the family’s packing if you haven’t got any hold luggage as you are effectively using up a carry on for just toys. This is a decision you will have a make weighing up the pros and cons of the Boostapak. We found that taking your own car seat, instead of hiring one at your destination, means that the amount of money you save on hiring can be spent on taking another piece of luggage instead.

We also use a Mifold that doesn’t take up any luggage allowance, and you can see a Mifold on Amazon here and our 1 year on Mifold review here




  1. Your child, if they are big enough, can carry their own case
  2. You save on money and hassle by taking your own car seat on holiday
  3. It is really easy to use.



  1. Weight, once full with toys, may mean you have to carry it for your child
  2. Taking on board an aeroplane may mean you have to use your luggage allowance.





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