Tumi Alpha 2

Tumi Alpha 2 Short Trip Expandable

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Tumi Alpha 2 – top quality expandable case

Key stats: 132L / 4 wheels / Expandable

This is a review of the top quality Tumi Alpha 2 which we class as a premium case.

We recently laid hands on one of these again and as they are not so common it was quite a treat for us.

This case comes in at a huge 132L capacity!

This provide enough packing room for you on a long trip away and has space for business suits and more informal clothing.

There is internal padding to ensure any electronics are secure and deep internal pockets allow easier packing and organising.

One of the main features of the case is that it is expandable! This saves any stress related to whether or not your holiday purchases will fit in the case.

Tumi’s uses a proprietary Ballistic Nylon, and combines this with protective bumpers on the outside. The case we saw would be able to withstand the roughest luggage handlers without showing much wear.

Grab handles on all sides plus a 3-stage telescoping handle is super helpful. 4 recessed wheels reduce overall product dimensions, while being super smooth and allowing multi-directional navigation so you can take this over all surfaces.

This product also has “Tumi tracer”. This is a free service offered by Tumi that means a lost suitcase can find its way back to you. The suitcase has a metal plate fixed to it. If you register your details with Tumi and the suitcase is lost, the tag means that Tumi can trace the suitcase back to your door.

Hugely impressive suitcase overall, as most of Tumi’s products are! 

If you can afford it, there is no downside from owning this case!

Price at review date - $$$ - high range

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Tumi Alpha 2 Short Trip Expandable

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